Moving goods often within a budget is challenging more now than ever. With increasing prices of fuel looming, sticky traffic conditions, uncertain weather conditions and time constraints to meet customers and managers delivery schedules, it really turns up the pressure in the shipping and transportation department of any company, big or small.  Here are some cost effective solutions.

Find the best carrier deals for freight transportation

Do you rely on third-party carriers? For moving freight, it is useful to have access to a system to identify the best carrier deals for every shipment in real time giving you access to quotes instantly where you can also book it on demand or schedule or future.  It’s a simple change that can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Maximize vehicle utilization

This can be addressed in many ways. One way is having access to a fleet of different capacities. This will instantly reduce your cost by booking the right size carrier for your load. Why pay for un-used capacity.  Using technology, this process can be automated by helping your loads be matched with suitable carriers quickly.

Reduce human errors

The transfer and flow of information is often the root cause for unexpected delays or cost incurred by the shipper. Reduce human error with data workflow by working with your carrier on a digital platform making it easy to find, review and track.

Data input such as a single typo (which is easy enough even on computers) can mean hours of drive time or additional miles traveled and shattered schedules. Reduce  the chance of carriers accidentally routing loads to wrong destinations with exact cities and locations and tracking notifications that shippers can monitor on their mobiles.


Finding all of the these services under one umbrella would be ideal. Truckin-Rushdelivery has embodied this into their core services keeping true to serving the shippers needs and keeping carriers filled up.  Truckin-Rushdelivery focuses on you moving your next load safely, securely, and cost effectively.

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