Did you know that truckers move almost all of  our goods on land in T&T. Truckers play a vital part in supplying our local communities with food, our construction sector with heavy equipment, removal of debris on sight, and the transporting of cargo to ports for export.

In many  countries, there are various types of land transport to move goods around. Example, trains and underground rail ways are heavily used in many supply chains and distribution process. However, in sweet T&T, the only land transportation is via trucks and trailers and the water taxi (which truckers also use to cross the sea bridge).   With this in perspective, we can see the importance of truckers to our everyday life, though it’s a thought many rarely think about.

Transportations plays a big part in the overall cost of a product. Companies relied on retaining a trucking company to supply them with transportation services; as and when required. Still, in seasonal and holiday times, companies needed to have access to move more capacity, on demand, to ensure inventory was loaded up and stock was not shelfed in warehouses. As expected in holiday times, congested roads didn’t allow a trucker to make the same amount of drop offs as non-seasonal times. The movement of goods is just as important as the movement of humans.

Truckin-rushdeliverytt, who is an independent freight broker, has opened up its services to give companies access to endless capacity, on demand. Using our concierge brokerage services and our digital load board, shippers can get multiple quotes from available truckers in as little as 10 minutes. This realtime booking of a trucker will positively impact price trends of goods, efficiencies to supply chains and provide truckers with less wait time for their next job.

Truckin-rushdeliverytt is committed to enhancing supply chains through the use of its proprietary  technology which is specific to T&T trucking industry and will stop and delivering nothing less!