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Freight Board

Nearly every sector of our economy depends on the movement of goods from point A to B. We often underestimate how having the right connections with the trucking community brings superior value to efficient movement of loads daily. The complexities of an efficient logistic system are endless and daily needs to be addressed, but having access to a steady supply of truckers from a Freight Board is an optimal way to connect with truckers and operators; and get things moving, ASAP.


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How can your freight load board and truck matching services help me as a shipper?

Clients now have the option to place their loads on the digital load board and get quotes from pro carriers instantly. Based on your load, the software will only allow relevant carriers to send you quotes. This helps you in only booking the right type of carrier. .

How does your loadboard compare with other load boards?

We are the first to offer Trinidad and Tobago a holistic platform to connect shippers and road freight carriers on a digital load board. We are a fully independent online load board and operate independent from carriers, which ensure unbias freight matching to carriers ensuring the client interest for fair and best freight moving price. .

What types of loads can shippers post?

Our network of carriers range from movement of documents via courier services to the movement of loads that require trailer truckers, and everything in between. We specialize in moving large and bulky cargo. Please call 1-868-499-7874 or email truckin@rushdeliverytt.com for more info..

Do you offer trucking freight rates and quotes?

Yes! Carriers have the option to send the shipper their price to move the load in real time. Shipper also have the option to post the price they are willing to pay. Shipper can opt in for a flat rate or per mile billing. .

How can I pay?

Shipper can pay using creditline, credit card, or cash..